5G mast planning application. Hi everyone, a new application has been received by Torfaen CBC Planning Department. The only change is the height of the mast, the company responsible has said that the original proposal to site it on the corner of School Close/Caerleon Road is the optimum site. Having spoken at length with TCBC Planning, suggestions of alternative sites may help to move this to another part of the village. Does anyone have any suggestions please? They are also supposed to consult with residents, but this doesn’t seem to have happened directly, so please let me know if you have been approached in person. We have a few weeks to identify more sites as we do need more mobile coverage. As this submission is the same albeit in height of the initial applications that were rejected in August, it is likely they will be objected to on the same basis by your Community Council, Highways in TCBC and possibly Welsh Water. However, if we can identify an alternative site, not obtrusive, possibly near electricity or within reach, then we can have better mobile coverage without the need for this to be placed in such a prominent and inconvenient position in the village.

Please let me have any suggestions clerk@ponthircommunitycouncil.gov.uk