Afon Lwyd Greenway Working Group

The Afon Lwyd Greenway Working Group was a small voluntary organisation working with the Community Council to promote a safe route for walkers and cyclists connecting Ponthir with Cwmbran and Caerleon. This traffic-free corridor would join up with existing cycle routes linking Ponthir to the National Cycle Network. One of the highest priorities was to create a safe route to schools in Caerleon avoiding the main road.

Whilst much of the project was long term the group had detailed discussions Torfaen CBC and Newport CC to ensure the project was incorporated in all relevant plans and financial programmes. The group also had discussions with the relevant landowners and reviewed funding opportunities.

The main issues to be overcome included route selection across a flood plain and agreeing road, river and railway crossings. Whilst the whole project will inevitably be costly, it has considerable benefits to the residents of Ponthir opening up access to the very attractive countryside in the river corridor.

Following consultation with local residents it was proposed to use the existing highway through Ponthir and included the existing railway crossings but it would require a safe crossing point across Caerleon Road near the Hafod Road junction.

Torfaen CBC and Newport CC have now included this proposed route within their respective Active Travel Plans which means that if Welsh Government funding becomes available then this route would be considered.

As the Afon Lwyd Working Group has achieved its objective in getting a route included in the local Active Travel Plans the group has now stood down.

Updated November 2017