Community Council Annual Grants

Applications for an Annual Grant are accepted, from constituted community and voluntary groups, for a variety of projects which benefit residents within the Ponthir Community Council area.

New Grant Forms – These are being revised and will be placed here by mid November 2020 together with revised guidance for the criteria.



Ponthir CC – Privacy Policy

Please note that the closing date for applications submitted during the 2020/21 financial year will be 31st October 2020. All applications received will be considered during November/December 2020.


Emergency Grant Scheme

Ponthir Community Council recognises that the need for emergency funding :

May arise prior to the Annual Grant closing date


May not always be apparent at the time when the Annual Grants are considered.

An Emergency Grant application form. together with a list of criteria, is available below.

Ponthir Community Council Emergency Grant Application Form 2019-20

Criteria for Organisations applying for a Community Council Grant 2019-20

Ponthir CC – Privacy Policy

Alternatively hard copies can be requested from the Clerk.

Submitted applications for an Emergency Grant will be considered at the next available Council Meeting.