Local Development Plan 2023.

The LDP has recently been updated. How does this affect Ponthir and Lower Llanfrechfa.  Find out at,

Torfaen Replacement Local Development Plan: Candidate Sites | Torfaen County Borough Council

Bus Information

App to track buses and let you know how full they are.  Click here

Torfaen App… how does it help me?

Report all kinds of nuisance by using the App.  Missed bins, dog fouling, potholes, fly tipping, you can even check the latest food hygiene ratings for restaurants in Torfaen, check gritting routes, concerns for neighbours, trees and much more!  All you need is an android or similar device, for more info, follow this link.

For those without Android devices, please email or phone 01495 762200

Whilst we always want to hear from members of the public, the quickest way to get a solution to your problem is to contact Torfaen County Borough Council directly by using one of the above methods.

Checking Afon Lwyd River Levels

Follow the link

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