Next Meeting

Dates/times/venues are as follows:


11th January – Online

15th February – Online

15th March – Online

12th April – Online

10th May – TBC

14th June – TBC


10th August – Ponthir District Sports Club together with AGM

14th September – Online

12th October – Online

9th November – Online

14th December – Online


8th July – Ponthir Baptist Church

12th August – Ponthir Baptist Church (This meeting will be held if there are urgent items of business that cannot wait until the September Meeting)

9th September – Ponthir District Sports Club

14th October – Ponthir District Sports Club

11th November – Ponthir District Sports Club Club

9th December – Ponthir Baptist Church


13th January – Ponthir Baptist Church

5th February – Ponthir Baptist Church

9th March – Ponthir Baptist Church

22nd June – Electronic meeting – online

10th August – Ponthir Sports Club at 2pm followed by Monthly meeting at 2.30pm